Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We help your Business to Evolve & Grow

We have core expertise and enterprising group for digital marketing to help improve your business and create new address for you customer.

With over 15 billion monthly searches and increasing number of websites all over the world, the opportunity is unlimited but at the same time the rival population is also increasing. And to make the maximum benefit out of the competitive market, it is very important to rank high in search engines and ensure that the genuine traffic is converted into prospective leads and sales.

The types of Digital Marketing Services are as below,

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization plays a vital role to get your website to higher rank in search engines. If you don’t have the proper understanding to counter the current challenging market, then all your prospective customers will visit the competitor site and help in leading in the market.

SVR United Technologies, the most renowned and famous company in the market offers an array of search engine optimization services for various clients from different segments nationally and internationally. SVR United Technologies offers an efficient and effective solution to clients, which is the secret behind its leading position in the market. We do not believe in words, but we believe in action. We not only claim to provide guaranteed results for your search engine optimization requirements, but we ensure that clients are meeting desired quality services and the most compatible results. Moreover, the quality record can be very well confirmed from our present clients who are more than satisfied and content with the services.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM) is the perfect utilization of social media channels and communities to make publicity drawing the attention of the public towards a product or brand or event or service. There is a huge demand for SMM services from business firms for their online advertising purpose.

Our professional marketing team carries out strategic marketing activities by engaging the members of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and more. The main objective is to bring large traffic to your website. SMM brings traffic, creates search engine visibility, and builds links just as in SEO. In addition, it requires blog integration, RSS feeds, and viral marketing.

3. Pay Per Click Management (PCC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) service is the most advanced and prominent mode of advertisement in which the advertisers pay the host or service operators for a number of visitors to their advertisements. The number of visitors is considered based on the number of unique clicks made on the advertisements. The purpose of pay per click service is to draw the traffic of specific segments who are interested in your products or services, and not anyone and everyone on the web. PPC service offers an immediate and quick solution for increasing sales and page rankings in search engines as well as lets you pay only when a visitor clicks your ad to visit your website. We understand that ‘smart advertising’ is when the investment made is converted into the return of investment (ROI). As of course each click costs!

SVR United Technologies with its strong knowledge and experience in this domain helps you professionally manage your campaigns in the most effective and efficient way within your budget. Currently Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google who have their own internet advertising platforms are leading in the market but investing in multiple advertising platforms will be a waste of investment, time, and laborious. Instead, at SVR United Technologies we can offer you a much smarter solution of centralized billing and flexibility to access each ad campaign from one location resulting in maximized ROI. For professional clients our professional pay per click management services includes:

  • Keyword and Bids Analysis
  • Creation of Excellent Landing Pages
  • Optimization Of Titles
  • Meta Tags
  • PPC Account Setup
  • Daily Review of Bids
  • Weekly Review of Keyword
  • Detailed Reporting

4. Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk Email sending is widely used as a method of constant communication. It allows you to spread information about your products or services to a large audience in a short period of time.  SVR United Technologies has been proffering this marketing service to various companies in the market, nationally and internationally. Clients who have outsourced the bulk email marketing requirements to SVR United are reaping the maximum benefits with completely satisfying results and quality of service received. Our quality of service stands best in class which makes us the most trusted and leading company in the market.

We Focus on

  • Branding your Business.
  • Improving Social Media  presence
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation

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Key Points


Search Engine Optimization

We work on finding the most relevant and high traffic volume keywords that are most important to your business and set up an SEO strategy to build your Business.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

We work with you on branding and Building brand awareness of your product/services. this will help our custome increase there customer base.

Social media management

Social media management

We configure Social media for you . our expert team will help you to configure Social media and also manage.

Higher ROI

Higher ROI

Achieving a high ROI over the short and long term is the very definition of success in digital marketing. Our expert team focused on ROI.